Fun Family Fitness Ideas

Fun Family Fitness Ideas

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Hey parents! Did you know that the number one role model for your children’s exercise habits is YOU? How’s that working out for you these days? If your family time consists of binge-watching Netflix, then it’s time for a change! Check out the many benefits of being active below: 

Benefits of Being Active

Physical activity builds a great foundation for a healthy life. It’s a win/win event for you and your child. Physical activity can:

  • Increase self-esteem and capacity for learning.
  • Help kids handle stress.
  • Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  • Help control weight.

Now, here are some creative and fun ideas to get you and your family fit and moving:

Hike the Trails

Don your hiking boots and head for the great outdoors. Make sure you’ve researched the trails first and know what to expect. While there, come up with creative things like bird watching or games of “I spy” to keep small children interested.

Bike Around Town

Some cities have gorgeous biking trails you can get to easily. Pick a new place each time to keep it interesting. Or, map out areas around your home with destinations that could be a reward for your biking efforts, such as your favorite frozen yogurt store.  

Play Frisbee Golf 

This fun game involves an outdoor course where you toss specially sized Frisbees (or discs) into basket targets. Just like regular golf, the person with the lowest score wins. You can find discs at used sporting goods stores, and with a bit of research, you can find courses that don’t charge any fees to play. 

Family Color Run

Train for a 5K

Go to and find an upcoming 5K in your area to train for and compete in as a family. Wear matching shirts and make a big deal about finishing the race. Hey, it’s a great accomplishment, and you won’t believe the runner’s high you’ll have for days after the race.

Start a Sports Team

Whether it’s soccer, basketball, softball or tennis, start your own family team and compete with other families you’ve recruited to play with or against you. Set up practice nights and schedule games in advance to keep you motivated.

Stay Active

Even if you choose to watch TV at night, get everyone up during the commercials for jumping jacks, push-ups, squats and sit-ups. See who can do the most of each exercise before the show comes back on.

Get Creative

You can do anything you want as long as it’s fun for everyone and is age appropriate for your kids. The key is to be active – not just one day of the week, but as often as you can. Your children’s health and yours depend on it!

It’s summer, so get out there and play! Give your family life-long memories to treasure and enjoy the deeper bond that comes with doing things as a family.